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Award-Winning Espionage Thriller ‘Operation Bethlehem’ by Yariv Inbar Receives Prestigious 73rd National Jewish Book Award

TEL-AVIV – January 24. 2024 – In a remarkable achievement, the espionage thriller ‘Operation Bethlehem’ by the pseudonymous Israeli novelist Yariv Inbar has been honored with the 73rd National Jewish Book Award in the category of Hebrew Fiction in Translation, specifically the Jane Weitzman Award.

‘Operation Bethlehem’ offers readers a riveting glimpse into the clandestine world of Mossad spies and terrorists, weaving a narrative that follows the journey of a man in search of personal redemption. The novel has not only captivated audiences with its suspenseful plot but has also provided a unique perspective on the challenges faced by those serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.

The author, writing under the pseudonym Yariv Inbar, expressed his gratitude upon receiving the esteemed award, stating, “More than one hundred days ago, I had to put my life on hold as I was called up for reserve service in the IDF to serve my country and people in one of the most challenging wars that we were forced to fight in Israel. This award comes as a moment of light in these difficult weeks. I am extremely grateful for this wonderful news, and I would like to quote the book dedication as it captures the essence of my feelings perfectly: ‘The book is dedicated to all those who were privileged to serve their country away from the spotlight.'”

The translation of ‘Operation Bethlehem’ into English posed a complex challenge to maintain the uniqueness of the original language. Yariv Inbar expressed his gratitude to translator Dalit Lerner Shmueli for her exceptional work, saying, “Translating into English without losing the uniqueness of the original language was a complex and challenging task. I am incredibly grateful to the translator, Dalit Lerner Shmueli, who created a version that remained faithful to the original with great sensitivity and professionalism.”

For more info, visit https://yariv-inbar.com/. 

Review copies of ‘Operation Bethlehem’ are available for working media.

For high-res images of the book and Yariv Inbar: https://yariv-inbar.com/press-room/


Best-selling Israeli Author Releases His Award-winning Spy Novel in the United States

‘Operation Bethlehem,’ written by former Israeli intelligence officer Yariv Inbar, dubbed the Daniel Silva of Israel, is a compelling, breath-taking and edge-of-your-seat spy thriller

NEW YORK – July 21. 2023 – Yariv Inbar, the pseudonym of a best-selling Israeli novelist whose real identity has been banned from publication by the Israeli authorities, announced the U.S. release of his best-selling spy novel, “Operation Bethlehem.” The award-winning Israeli espionage thriller offers a rare glimpse into the secret world of Mossad spies and terrorists, all the while following the journey of a man searching for personal redemption.

Inbar’s novels must pass a rigid vetting process, including the approval of a special Governmental Ministers’ Committee. With a wealth of experience from many years of serving in sensitive positions within the Israeli intelligence community, Inbar brings a unique authenticity to his writing about Middle Eastern spycraft. His novels were initially published in Hebrew, earned bestseller status in Israel, and received high praise from critics and readers alike.

“Operation Bethlehem” is not only a thrilling read, but it also explores existential questions and the tough decisions faced by those responsible for Israel’s security. The book’s gripping plot is full of twists and turns, documenting the human reality behind the James Bond acts of espionage, and will leave readers pondering the complex issues it raises long after the final page has been turned.

What critics are saying about “Operation Bethlehem”:

• “Operation Bethlehem is entertaining, intriguing, and very readable, and Yariv Inbar – whatever his real identity is – positions himself among the best thriller novelists writing in Hebrew.” – Guy Horowitz, Haaretz

• “Yariv writes with great expertise. He successfully draws us into the spy world, creating a sense of authenticity without falling into the trap of too many tedious details.” – Jonathan de Shalit, author of “Traitor”

• “Inbar proves that he is an author able to present highly developed complexities that are usually absent in debut novels, and especially in the thriller and espionage genres.” – Alit Karp, Haaretz

To order “Operation Bethlehem” on Kindle or in hard cover book, visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CB8JSYYX?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420 

About the author, Yariv Inbar

After 15 years in the Israeli intelligence community serving in sensitive positions, Yariv Inbar, whose real identity cannot be revealed, decided to become an author and write novels inspired by his experiences during service. Now, with the US release of his best-selling book, Operation Bethlehem, he provides a glimpse into his time in secret service and talks about both writing and covert operations, such as the daring raid on Iran’s nuclear archives. “The adrenaline in moments like that is sky-high, but you have to think about the before and after.” For more info, visit https://yariv-inbar.com/. 

Review copies of “Operation Bethlehem” are available for working media. For high-res images of the book and Yariv Inbar: https://yariv-inbar.com/press-room/


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