Authors and Intel­li­gence Offi­cers: What One Pro­fes­sion Taught Me About the Other

Authors and intel­li­gence offi­cers may seem like pro­fes­sions that are worlds apart, but they share more sim­i­lar­i­ties than one might think.

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Covert operations and personal battles: The unseen side of an Israeli spy’s life

For the upcoming release of the English translation of his book, Yariv Inbar (pseudonym) says he took much inspiration from operations and experiences he had during his 15 years in the intelligence services.

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Author in the Shadows

After 15 years in the Israeli intelligence community serving in sensitive positions, Yariv Inbar, whose real identity cannot be revealed, decided to become an author and write novels inspired by the dangerous operations in which he participated. Now, upon the publication of his second book, Operation Bethlehem, he provides a glimpse into his time in secret service and talks about both writing and covert operations, such as the daring raid on Iran's nuclear archives. "The adrenaline in moments like that is sky-high, but you have to think about the before and after."

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The Man Who Was There

He was in Israeli intelligence operations and had access to the most sensitive places. Now he has published a novel on what happens behind the scenes in the secret shadow world and sheds some light on the complex relations between politicians and intelligence officers. And yes, the name Yariv Inbar is a pen name, by order of military censorship.

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