The dozens of covert operations Irit participated in ended without incident until this one entanglement when she intruded on Noor in her hotel room

Behind the Trigger

Coming soon: After dozens of successful covert operations, Irit, a skilled Mossad agent, faces a problematic situation involving Noor, the wife of a senior Syrian security figure.

Irit is assigned to take advantage of her new relationship with Noor, manipulating her into spying on her husband without her even realizing she is being recruited into the ranks of Israeli intelligence. However, reality has its own rules, and what is initially a success becomes increasingly complicated to the point where the two women are utterly dependent on each other. When dark secrets are revealed, they are forced to choose between options with terrible, even deadly, consequences.

Behind the trigger is a rare opportunity to explore the mysterious world of women engaged in espionage on both sides of the barrier in a volatile plot saturated with passion and manipulation. The novel goes beyond the boundaries of the genre and deals with the destructive tension between morality and human nature, revealing the darkest motives simmering within us and examining dilemmas of justice, revenge, and the limits of power.

This propulsive thriller will not only have you on the edge of your seat but also force you to stay up way past your bedtime turning pages.

Lisa Barr, New York Times bestselling author of Woman On Fire, 08/20/2023

Readers with an interest in espionage fiction will be presented with a rare and fascinating introduction to the secret, life, and death world of Mossad spies and terrorists.

The Midwest Book Review, 09/13/2023

Yariv writes with great expertise. He successfully draws us into the spy world, creating a sense of authenticity without falling into the trap of too many tedious details.

Jonathan de Shalit, Makor Rishon, 1/17/2019

Yariv Inbar – whatever his real identity is – positions himself among the best thriller novelists writing in Hebrew.

Guy Horowitz, Haaretz, 04/25/2019

The End Justifies is a fun read, a political and operational thriller that offers an interesting glimpse into the dark world of case officers.

Jonathan de Shalit, Makor Rishon, 12/02/2016

Inbar, in his first book, proves that he is an author able to present highly developed complexities that are usually absent in debut novels, and especially in the thriller and espionage genres.

Alit Karp, Haaretz, 02/12/2016

The End Justifies is one of the best books in this genre I’ve read in recent years.

Yoav Limor, Channel 12, 05/12/2016

Yariv Inbar is the pseudonym of an Israeli novelist whose real identity has been banned from publication by the Israeli authorities. With a wealth of experience from many years of serving in sensitive positions within the Israeli intelligence community, Yariv brings a unique authenticity to his writing. He is a devoted family man, married with three children, and still serves as a lieutenant colonel reserve. In 2016, Yariv burst onto the spy fiction scene with the publication of his novels published in Hebrew, which quickly earned bestseller status in Israel and received high praise from critics and readers alike.

Coming soon: An award-winning best-selling Israeli suspense novel exploring the murky world of spies, politicians, and personal dilemmas, and how far one should go for a noble cause.

Book Cover - Operation Bethlehem

An award-winning, best-selling Israeli espionage thriller that offers a rare glimpse into the secret world of Mossad spies and terrorists, all the while following the journey of a man searching for personal redemption.